About Us


A boutique Fund Management Company licensed and regulated by Securities Commission since 2002.

Singular – exceptional, distinct, focused – is committed to growing your wealth through investing in Asian equities.

Singular Asset Management has set foot in two countries: Malaysia and Singapore. Over the last 15 years, our reputable regional presence and deep understanding of South East Asia has made us the leading choice for investors looking for an experienced and discerning team to manage their wealth.

Our Philosophy

At Singular, we believe in balance, longevity, and integrity. In investment, our fundamentals guide our practice. We manage risk carefully to maintain balance. We invest in the long run. And we believe in companies with good leaders in management.

Our Clients

Our clients include high net-worth individuals, financial institutions, corporate pension funds, family offices, private and public listed companies and other institutional investors.

Investment Approach


We focus on a concentrated portfolio of high conviction stock picks built upon a foundation of active bottom up fundamentals based analysis. Focusing only on listed equities with a long term perspective and clear investment style.

On the Ground

We believe that nothing can replicate the hard work of on the ground diligence and analysis to develop in-depth insight into the quality of management and the fundamentals of the business.

Attention to Risks and
ESG Integration

We believe that to achieve long-term superior returns, we have to pay close attention to risk based on understanding real business drivers and integrating ESG factors into our investment process.


We offer you the commitment of an owner-fund manager with our own capital invested alongside our clients.

High Active Share

Benchmark agnostic approach with consistently high active share.