Investing in humanity’s future

Here at Singular, we believe in making meaningful contributions to society and the environment. Our investment philosophy goes beyond money. We believe that prudent management of environmental, social and political issues are the cornerstones of long-term success in an ever-evolving world.

Kasih Hospice Foundation

Kasih aims to provide comprehensive support to terminally ill patients in the form of medical, psychosocial and emotional care. Since 2010, we have engaged various initiatives to support Kasih. Every year we run booths at the Kasih Hospice Annual Fair to sell goods in order to raise funds for this remarkable cause. In 2014, we sponsored tickets to enjoy a night of song and dance at The Legends musical produced by the Dama Orchestra at KLPAC, of which the sale proceeds were donated to the Kasih Hospice Foundation.


Going Green

We believe that responsibility starts at home. That’s why we have implemented several sustainability initiatives within our offices. We have religiously observed Earth Hour which is held annually. We also have an internal recycling programme to encourage the minimisation of waste. This includes printing on double sides and modifying some of our thought processes before undertaking a decision that could potentially have environmental implications.

Standard Chartered Bank Marathon

Last year, our team participated in the Standard Chartered Bank Marathon to raise funds for Yayasan Sejahtera and this year for Dignity for Children Foundation. These fund raising efforts helped promote awareness of the struggles facing those in extreme poverty particularly children.

Yayasan Sejahtera is an initiative set up specially to address the challenges faced by the extreme poor. Since their inception in 2009, they have focused on marginalised communities in Malaysia and dream of a world free from extreme poverty.

Dignity for Children Foundation targets education specifically as the solution to help the poor escape the poverty cycle. Their mission is to become an all-encompassing community learning centre for the poor and to empower children to contribute positively to the wider society.

Lion Parkson Run

In 2014, our team participated in a 10km run for charity in aid of the Home for Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children. Operating in Selangor and Johor Bahru, it hopes to provide a safe haven for vulnerable children.

We are always looking for new exciting initiatives to be involved in as well as organisations to form a long-term relationship with.

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